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When you work with me, real estate is easy.

As an award winning realtor, my goal is to provide an exceptional level of service that makes me referable to your friends, family members, and colleagues.

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  • I specialize in… You!

  • As an associate broker I know that hard work and integrity are the keys to any successful endeavor. Truthfulness, reliability and the desire to serve my customers with utmost respect and kindness are the values in which I believe. I am a hard worker with abundant energy and dedicated to my clients. I want my friends and business associates to look back on their experience with a smile, fond memories and one amazing home! I would love to take care of you and look forward to your call.

    Let me help you buy or sell your next home or property.My goal as your Real Estate broker is to provide an exceptional level of service that makes me referable to your friends, family members, and colleagues. I have three roles:

  • Role 1: As your Consultant…

  • I will ask you insightful questions because discovering what is really important to you is really important to me. I will listen vigilantly to your answers. I will lead you through the process of clarifying your values, because when your values are clear, your choices are easy. Because I am your consultant, one of the things I do for you is appropriately define the problems we encounter during our transaction because you need to differentiate essential objectives from less relevant concerns. I will provide guidance and information that helps you plan that appropriate course of action needed to buy or sell your home. My detailed and extensive training at Coldwell Banker Legacy, my experience in Real Estate transaction and my life long continued education also shows me how to anticipate likely obstacles to achieving your objectives and then identify sensible means to circumvent them.
  • Role 2: I am your Negotiator

  • I treat your money like it is mine and I know I want the best quality at the most affordable price for my dollar. Because I am your negotiator, it is my responsibility to recognize the likely underlying agendas and motivations of individuals that are involved in your transaction. I will anticipate the probable emotional reactions of individuals to actions or communications. Together we will articulate the essential flaws in the arguments of others and reiterate the strengths of your position. We will review other’s motives and we will decide when it’s appropriate to resist the objections of others and remain committed to a sound course of action for you. There are multiple issues involved when buying or selling a home. We will work together to make a negotiation strategy and develop mutually beneficial agreements based on the interest of the parties. These interests include needs, desires, concerns and fears important to each side and I will work on your behalf to create a “win-win” outcome.
  • Role 3: I oversee all of the transactional details

  • Every Real Estate transaction has 100 pieces of paper requiring upward to 43 signatures and initials. Each transaction has 100 to 150 phone calls alone and each one of them is loaded with critical details. Did you know that there are 43 different people from 14 different industries that get involved during the seven stages of your transaction? I am your pilot and I understand turbulence. To make it easy for you to see everything that I do for you, that you don’t see, because you are in the passenger seat, I created a list of 88 different types of turbulence.
I wanted to let everyone know that you hung in with me for 2 years and always had the time to spend showing me houses.  I really liked the emails with home information that I could review and let you know if I was interested in seeing the property.  You really looked after my best interest when I finally purchased a new home and made the process easy.  Thanks for your great customer service.  I hope to never move again! But, if I do, I will certainly call you.
- Toni S. Kelley
 Account Executive